Saturday, June 8, 2013


the previous week was a blast, filled with suspense and fun
meeting with a client filled with confidence and arrogance
his ideas were off the hook, nevertheless caged us in a box
never accepting explanation though his idea is a recycled thrash

a been there did that was in the air
convincing power, where the hell did you land?
laid all the proposals with smile and confidence
but slapped with a "BIG NO, MY IDEAS WERE BETTER"
a recycled trash, how will i recycle you
with a million contract, Gee i don't know what to do! 
back to the drawing board, with a recycled trash
to recycle a recycled trash, is a trash out of the box

a few stitches, and a lot of arranging
a touch of a new color and a better imaging
a touch of class and a dip of eloquence
reinforced with a smile and a lot of confidence

presented them side by side, the trash and the original
gave the pros and cons, explained the good and the bad side
gave the option of profit or failure, of an award or a frown
my heart was beating fast, as he picked an option...


Rhoderic Domingo

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