Sunday, August 15, 2010


Beauty... have you ever wondered its real meaning? most of us judge and sometimes we are judge by it, but have you discovered the real meaning and essence of the word?

... some believe that beauty is defined with the curves of the body, the shape of ones face, and other things that are pleasing to the eyes, qualities that often go away as age conquer us, qualities that we thought our own but unfortunately , they leave us...

... it is very unfortunate to think that all of us are deceived by these qualities, qualities that sometimes camouflage the real us, the real beast within..

... how often do we stare and despise those we believe are not at our level, how often do we laugh and glare those that we believe are ugly?..

hmmmmmm..... should we pity them? or should we pity ourselves?..

.. a question i don't know how to answer... and pity me for so long i have searched but the answer is beyond my grasp...

... I may not have the answers today, but eventually i know the answers will pour in my palm, but would those answers be too late for me?

... do you have the same dilemma?..

... do you have the same questions?..

... do we have the same thing in mind?..

... when will we find the answers?..

... i do not know, but for sure you and i will be in a quest to know the real meaning and essence of the word...

... help me... let us join hands and travel the world in search for the answers of these questions...

... will you?