Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

missing you again

its been 3 months since you left
and yet it still hurts so much inside
i wish you are still with me
and continue building the dreams we dreamed

I asked the lord, why you have to die?
but then i realized death is just a matter of time
god may have other plans for us
and to him i give my unyielding trust

Rhoderic Domingo

Sunday, June 8, 2014

missing you

i saw a friend today
and he asked me if i am okey...
i smiled and said I am alright
and we parted our ways...

i hope it's that easy
but it hurts so much inside...
i smile and tell them i'm alright
though my heart misses you a lot...

i miss your smile, i miss your laugh
i miss how you hate me when i do something bad...
how i miss your stories
and i miss that naughty pout...

i know i wont have you back
but please stay by my side...
be my angel, be my guide
and stay forever in my heart... 


Friday, April 18, 2014

To the Arms of an Angel

Its been a while, Yes I know!
You've been thinking I've forgotten you!
I was caught in a storm, i don't know where to go!
but deep in my heart, there was always you!

Our beloved was gone, never to be seen again,
Left the world of mortals, in the arms of an angel!
Left me without saying goodbye, in a coma of despair,
Only hope is left, that we'll be seeing each other again!

I had a few regrets, and i wish i told you,
The love i have for you, is more than what you knew!
I wished i kissed you more and gave you more affection,
I wish i embraced you more and made you feel more comfortable!

We were not the perfect couple, we sometimes fight,
We argue, we disagree, we fought some silly fight!
But in the end we choose to cherish the love,  
The love we have for each other, and forget the fight!

I will continue living, though without you by my side,
My life would never be the same, I am asking you to be my guide!
Show me how to conquer this loneliness, and accept the life,
A life without you, by my side!    

and now i say, Rest in Peace...

Rhoderic Domingo 

Saturday, June 29, 2013


i wish i am still a child
free from the worries of an adult world
full of  love and innocence
unconditional and not profit oriented

i wish worries and regret never met me
laughter and joy to always surround me
tears and pain will avoid me
and forever to be always merry

what a wonderful world it could have been
if all the negative emotion was not here
no pain or regret, no tears and pain
only happiness and a whole lot of merry making

Rhoderic N. Domingo

Sunday, June 9, 2013

rest day

i have a job that needed attention
from monday to friday until five in the afternoon
come saturday and sunday
is my designated rest day

they say all i have to do is rest
stop worrying about the office pests
but as i woke up every saturday
it's not really my rest day

the laundry is screaming 
the kitchen needs scrubbing
the toilet needs cleaning
and my room needs tidying

sunday is even worse
i have to iron my clothes
i have to clean the porch
and only then can i go to church

saturday and sunday 
rest day is a lie
it's only an imagination
it's only an illusion

Rhoderic Domingo

Saturday, June 8, 2013


the previous week was a blast, filled with suspense and fun
meeting with a client filled with confidence and arrogance
his ideas were off the hook, nevertheless caged us in a box
never accepting explanation though his idea is a recycled thrash

a been there did that was in the air
convincing power, where the hell did you land?
laid all the proposals with smile and confidence
but slapped with a "BIG NO, MY IDEAS WERE BETTER"
a recycled trash, how will i recycle you
with a million contract, Gee i don't know what to do! 
back to the drawing board, with a recycled trash
to recycle a recycled trash, is a trash out of the box

a few stitches, and a lot of arranging
a touch of a new color and a better imaging
a touch of class and a dip of eloquence
reinforced with a smile and a lot of confidence

presented them side by side, the trash and the original
gave the pros and cons, explained the good and the bad side
gave the option of profit or failure, of an award or a frown
my heart was beating fast, as he picked an option...


Rhoderic Domingo

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Overworked, Underpaid?

overworked, underpaid
a feeling that lingers every now and then
especially if you have a lot in your hand
and you wear different hat on your head

multi tasking is not a new word
it just got new meaning and an added work
worry not my friend, time will pass
and you will soon realize, that wasn't so bad 

look at the bright side, I always say
it is a kind of training, not all employees could have
  time management is the key
to finish four people's job by one employee

overworked, underpaid
you're not alone
but at least you have a job
that pays the bills and buy your wants

Rhoderic N. Domingo

Monday, April 1, 2013

The long weekend is over
vacation time is done
 it's Monday morning dude
time to rise and shine

the office is waiting
the reports are lining 
your attention needed
otherwise it's an overtime 

staying late in the office
to catch up with the holidays
more time to spend on your table
for reports to be filled

you had your time with your family
spend quality time with your love ones
now your work is asking
for your undivided time

Good luck
Rhoderic N. Domingo

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank You

A time to say a prayer, 
to give thanks and praise
a time to be holy, 
and say sorry for the bad things i did

Thank you for all the blessings
the success that you gave
for the strength to move on
and to carry on your will

Thank you for the guidance
and the path that you created
thank you for carrying me
in times i am lost in a battle

I give you back all the glory
and all the blessings you gave
 all the victory i won  
is for the glory of your name


Rhoderic N. Domingo