Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

missing you again

its been 3 months since you left
and yet it still hurts so much inside
i wish you are still with me
and continue building the dreams we dreamed

I asked the lord, why you have to die?
but then i realized death is just a matter of time
god may have other plans for us
and to him i give my unyielding trust

Rhoderic Domingo

Sunday, June 8, 2014

missing you

i saw a friend today
and he asked me if i am okey...
i smiled and said I am alright
and we parted our ways...

i hope it's that easy
but it hurts so much inside...
i smile and tell them i'm alright
though my heart misses you a lot...

i miss your smile, i miss your laugh
i miss how you hate me when i do something bad...
how i miss your stories
and i miss that naughty pout...

i know i wont have you back
but please stay by my side...
be my angel, be my guide
and stay forever in my heart... 


Friday, April 18, 2014

To the Arms of an Angel

Its been a while, Yes I know!
You've been thinking I've forgotten you!
I was caught in a storm, i don't know where to go!
but deep in my heart, there was always you!

Our beloved was gone, never to be seen again,
Left the world of mortals, in the arms of an angel!
Left me without saying goodbye, in a coma of despair,
Only hope is left, that we'll be seeing each other again!

I had a few regrets, and i wish i told you,
The love i have for you, is more than what you knew!
I wished i kissed you more and gave you more affection,
I wish i embraced you more and made you feel more comfortable!

We were not the perfect couple, we sometimes fight,
We argue, we disagree, we fought some silly fight!
But in the end we choose to cherish the love,  
The love we have for each other, and forget the fight!

I will continue living, though without you by my side,
My life would never be the same, I am asking you to be my guide!
Show me how to conquer this loneliness, and accept the life,
A life without you, by my side!    

and now i say, Rest in Peace...

Rhoderic Domingo