Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank You

A time to say a prayer, 
to give thanks and praise
a time to be holy, 
and say sorry for the bad things i did

Thank you for all the blessings
the success that you gave
for the strength to move on
and to carry on your will

Thank you for the guidance
and the path that you created
thank you for carrying me
in times i am lost in a battle

I give you back all the glory
and all the blessings you gave
 all the victory i won  
is for the glory of your name


Rhoderic N. Domingo


Friday, March 29, 2013


Its been a while since i wrote a line
my other responsibility had been taking my time
not much of a leisure i don't know why
stress in my side, my oh my!!

rush projects keep on showing
reports, bills and letters keep on piling 
everybody just keep on asking
my undivided attention, My What is happening!
shorter deadlines keep on knocking
i don't know if i have say thank you, for believing
or curse you for making my life miserable
for every shorter deadline that you deliver

I need a break, I need a vacation
I need a raise, I need a promotion
I need a job that is less stressful
or maybe a new boss with more compassion

deadlines, stress, vacation, promotion
sometimes you have them, sometimes you don't
if you're still with the company, bear with it
you accepted the job, so deal with it...

Rhoderic N. Domingo