Monday, November 19, 2012

English -Tagalog Accounting Terms


     A young, good-looking representative from Laguna sponsored a bill recommending Filipino language be used in all levels of accounting firms and banking institutions. The Solon claimed it will provide a better understanding of the business transactions for those who are inexperienced and non-English speaking citizens.

      The bill received unanimous approval from the House and was presented to the President for signature to become the law of the land. But in spite of the overwhelming pressure from the members of Congress, The President vetoed the bill.


     She found out that when the English "business" words are translated in Tagalog, they sound very malicious and are "nakaka-hiya at nakaka-kilabot! "

     Here are a few sample words - English to Tagalog
  • Asset - Ari
  • Fixed Asset - Nakatirik na ari
  • Liquid Asset - Basang ari
  • Solid Asset - Matigas na ari
  • Owned Asset - Sariling pag-aari
  • Other Asset - Ari ng iba
  • False Asset - Ari-ari-an
  • Miscellaneous Asset - Iba-ibang klaseng ari
  • Asset Write off - Pinutol na pagaari
  • Depreciation of Asset - Laspag na pag-aari
  • Fully Depreciated Asset - Laspag na laspag na pag-aari
  • Earning asset - Tumutubong pag-aari
  • Working Asset - Ganado pa ang ari
  • Non-earning Asset - Baldado na ang ari
  • Erroneous Entry - Mali ang pagkaka-pasok
  • Double Entry - Dalawang beses ipinasok
  • Multiple Entry - Labas pasok nang labas pasok
  • Correcting Entry - Itinama ang pagpasok
  • Reversing Entry - Baligtad ang pagkakapasok
  • Dead Asset - Patay na ang ARI


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Vacation To Remember

    The sun is already up when i got a wake up call for breakfast. The morning air was fresh and clean, the air was cold although the sun is already halfway its course to the middle of the sky.

     I thank god for the night before rising from bed and searched for my slippers underneath the bed, I went to the kitchen and found my breakfast on the table, fresh brewed coffee, fried rice, fried fish and a bunch of fruits, my mothers best friend invited me for a vacation to their province, a retreat from the city life which I happily accepted.

     The morning sun was fresh and inviting, I heard chirping birds and saw several butterflies outside, i hurriedly ate my breakfast and informed Nanay Pinda ill just go out and explore. 

     I only have several days of vacation so i have to make the most of it before returning to the city and to my job. Accounting is a hard work and i am here to rest my mind from the chaotic world of numbers. I was so much attracted to the natures beauty that when i looked back I was already very far from the house. It stood alone in the middle of the field and it resembles an old hut from afar.
     I was about to turn when i was captured by the mountain rising majestically in front of me, my love of nature was aroused and my curiosity carried me away before i knew it i was already making my way through the thick and tall grasses at the foot of the mountain.

    The fresh cool air filled my lungs as giant trees started to engulf me that the rays of the sun was lost before it reaches the ground, I spent several minutes exploring the area wild ferns and flowers grow in abundance and i collected a handful.

     The trail i took was slippery and hard that i have to hold on with the stones, grasses and twigs in order to move on, but i was so much engrossed with the natures beauty that i just ignored it. the trail turned and twisted but i still followed it through the thick forest. There are so much things to see and explore so i followed the trail further more. Ripe fruits of all kinds are in abundance and i gathered some and ate it as i move along the trail.

     I was so excited following the trail admiring the beauty, stopping sometime to gather fruits and flowers that grow along the path, occasionally stopping while listening to the chirping birds hoping from tree to tree over head. I walked some more and when i feel tired i decided to go back.

     I followed the same trail, but when i came to a crossroad i cannot decide what to take, I was too engrossed admiring the beauty of the forest  that i did not care to look where i was going and now i could not remember where i came from.

     I let my luck work for me, I closed my eyes and took a full round step, and when i opened my eyes my toes are pointing to the left trail. I followed the trail to the left though my heart was pounding fearing i could be lost.

     I walked for a long time, comforting my self by picking fruits and flowers as i followed its twist and turns, I have to get home soon my feet are aching and i have to rest, but when i reached the next turn i started to worry, the trail started to disappear and looks like it was not used for a long time.

     I continued walking trying to control my fear, i stop for a while trying to remember the path i took but with too may turns i could no longer remember, i just continued walking sometimes going up and sometimes going down but i could not tell weather i am going out or going deeper in the forest.

     Hours passed and i am still locked inside this wide and dark forest, mosquito's started to bite they began to feast with my blood, they got in my ears, my nose and even in my mouth, they even nestled to my hair and bit through to my scalp, the blood thirsty cloud grew thicker as night came. 

     The night in the forest is ghostly, tress slowly take different figures as the moon shed its light to the weary breast of the earth, I tried to sleep but sleep never came, I know danger is everywhere in this wild forest and the blood thirsty cloud of mosquito is driving me crazy.

     Wild roosters began to announced that dawn is here, a faint and radiant light from the sun slowly appeared from the thick leaves overhead and the thick cloud of mosquito's are slowly disappearing but some were too stubborn to leave me.

     The morning air slowly turned warm and my throat craved for water, I tried to find a place to quench my thirst and fortunately i found a clear flowing creek. The water is crystal clear and cool, I took a mouthful and wash my body and rest for a few minutes, i started walking away from the creek when i was suddenly struck with the conversation about roads and highways in the city when Nanay Pinda said the highways of the mountains are creeks for they always pour their water to the nearest river, and rivers always flow to the ocean and i had seen a fast flowing river near Nanay Pinda's house, I was very excited at the thought, I might be out of here soon.

      I decided to follow the creek with its twist and turns, some parts could easily submerged me but because i am a good swimmer i just lazily followed the water as it flows, but because its already the peak of the summer season most part of the creek is just ankle deep.   

     The creek flowed its usual depth under the thick and dense vegetation until i reached a part where the water is slowly decreasing i grow a bit worried because i might be following a dead creek and i might not be able to find a river after all.

     I came upon a clearing and the water was lost in the burning sand and stones, no sign of water and the sand was hot and dry. I almost don't know what to do, the flowing water assures me to find my way back home i almost wanted to leave the creek and find another route but then i walked for a kilometer more and to my astonishment at the next curve the water rises from the stones with its usual summer depth as if nothing happened the water run smoothly and strongly when a kilometer away the water was lost in to the burning sand.

     I was very happy and very thankful i did not gave up easily, i know i will soon be in a familiar ground and at last a river could be seen from where i was standing and i know the house is not far away. I uttered a simple thanks to the creek and started to walk towards the house. It was a heavenly feeling not to be lost anymore, to know where i am going and to be assured i am definitely back on track.

     Looking back, i learned a life lesson from the creek. It encountered difficulties and hindrance in reaching its goal, the burning sands and rocks tried to block it from reaching the river but the creek found an ingenious solution. If you could not overcome a hindrance then find a way to go through it or in the case of the creek under come and be persistent.