Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a drop of work

work loads sometimes drop like rain
sometimes in drizzle, giving you time to think
giving you an extra minute to check
and a few seconds to re-evaluate

a fun time in the office
a little chat with your colleagues
a time to know whats going on
when the work load comes in drizzle

but sometimes the sun isn't always shining
and the work loads drop like storm
they come from every direction
making you dizzy and disoriented

stuck to your table 
can't spare a minute to chat
reports, graphs and letters 
all asking for your attention ASAP.
worry not my friend, the storm will pass
understand every reports, graphs and letters
don't let them come back to your table
because of a wrong punctuation mark

don't let the work load bring you down
work with enthusiasm and a smile
work will always be here to stay
just get your reward on payday


Rhoderic Domingo

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a line and a rhyme

a few years passed 
and i am still obsessed
in writing a line
that sometimes rhyme 
look for consorts
for the ending words
for the line to rhyme
and be a charm

sometimes they avoid me
and hide from me
they stay hidden 
until the line is forgotten 

oh! what a sorrow
if a word becomes a widow
   you cant find a partner
alone in the line forever

just write and write
until the words sound alike
let them be partners
and give them happiness
Rhoderic Domingo


Monday, January 21, 2013

I have an idea...

sometimes ideas come pouring in
in time and places your not expecting
not a paper and pen in sight
your hand is full you couldn't write

a beautiful idea that is worth sharing
a great story line that needs writing
the trouble is you couldn't remember them all 
if a pen and paper is available

but once you have them again in your mind
another distraction is at hand
a question,  a call, or a friend
come barging in uninvited

oh! what a frustration
when an idea is in conception
the problem is you couldn't write
all the pen and paper in the world is out of sight

Rhoderic Domingo

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


it's the one time in your life
when you said something that isn't right
when you did something wrong
that you would probably regret all your life...

sneaky and fatal
it attacks unexpectedly
it ruins everything you built
with just one stupid mistake...

it wont be easy 
but you have to raise your guard
always be alert 
and don't let stupidity ruin your life...

but if stupidity already got you
then you have to start all over again
restart, rebuild and  redo everything
until stupidity knock you all over again...

Rhoderic Domingo

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Mistakes are inevitable
they come to your life everyday
sometimes once in awhile 
but sometimes all at once in a ton...

mistakes sometimes teach us lessons
sometimes they serve as a reminder
but most of the time they come
when your stupidity is at most high...

mistakes sometimes could be corrected
but most of the times they could be avoided
they may cause a great deal of trouble
but you can always try to make things better...

do not make decisions if you're angry or very happy
always think before you speak
accept if you did something wrong 
and say sorry if you cause someone a trouble...

Rhoderic Domingo

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Old Songs...

old songs make you remember
old feelings that's been forgotten
often times a happy memory  
but sometimes there's a feeling of guilt and pain

old songs bring back memories
a memory of you and me
of a happy smile and laughter 
but sometimes of tears and pain

old songs make me sing along
and cherish the memories we created with the song 
sometimes they teach me a lesson
but most of the times its a connection of you and me

old song makes me remember
a lost friendship as time moves on
a forgotten guilt sometimes come in 
but most of the time its a testimony that i miss you so...
Rhoderic N.  Domingo

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday morning...

monday morning sometimes bring the blues
a lonely feeling that stare at you
sometimes it last forever, sometimes just a second
but mostly depends on how you let it through...

a shower of negative emotions
a dash of boredom and despair 
a pinch of angry feeling
and you will have the bluest of the blue...

make it grow and it would ruin your day
collect all negative feelings and dump it in
you will feel a heavy burden
that would drown you with despair ...

monday morning sometimes bring the blues
accept it, smile a bit, that would help a lot
let the warmth of love ease your feelings
and let monday morning bring you peace instead...

Rhoderic N. Domingo


Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Years Resolution

every year i made me a list 
of the things i will do 
and the things i will change
with a promise to fulfill it...

the list is not too long 
but not soo short
its mostly a count
from one to ten...

it would sometimes start 
with a negative feeling
and ussually ends up
with a positive note...

every start of the year i do this
but everytime it ends
i never look back  to see
did i accomplish a thing?...

im done with my list 
i know you have one too
you may have not written it
 a mental note would do...

look back a year ago
did you do the same
is the list the same?
oh! what a shame...

Rhoderic Domingo

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another year gone and wasted,
yet another year is at hand
another piece of history
is about to come end...

Its fun to look back and retell the tales,
of pain, and tears that's too much to handle
but its amazing i made it through
and collected awards as i make it through...

 Another year is ready to unfold
do it again and relive the fight
stand up proud and collect my prize
and retell the tales of an epic fight...

I cried and sweat blood along the way

 but i fulfilled my dreams and is ready to begin
to make another tale that i could share

and be an inspiration to a dying dream...  

after all the pain, you need to stand up 
march toward tomorrow and reclaim your prize
it isn't easy but it would help you a lot
if you open your mind and be ready to the fight


Welcome 2013