Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Playful Mind...

Go round and round,
my playful mind!
discover the universe secrets,
and what lies beyond!

Go my playful mind,
see what's hidden!
answer the questions,
search for reasons!

Let no stone unturned,
let no shadow undiscovered!
let the light of the world,
your guide and protection

let the wings of fantasy,
bring you to the moon!
let the embrace of fiction,
nurture your imagination!

Go my playful mind,
fly with Pegasus!
rescue a princes,
 and tame a dragon!

Don't be afraid,
Oh, playful mind!
Discover the edge of the universe,
to infinity and beyond!

Go my playful mind,
but be back soon!
worries and realities,
might be here soon!

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