Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another year gone and wasted,
yet another year is at hand
another piece of history
is about to come end...

Its fun to look back and retell the tales,
of pain, and tears that's too much to handle
but its amazing i made it through
and collected awards as i make it through...

 Another year is ready to unfold
do it again and relive the fight
stand up proud and collect my prize
and retell the tales of an epic fight...

I cried and sweat blood along the way

 but i fulfilled my dreams and is ready to begin
to make another tale that i could share

and be an inspiration to a dying dream...  

after all the pain, you need to stand up 
march toward tomorrow and reclaim your prize
it isn't easy but it would help you a lot
if you open your mind and be ready to the fight


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