Friday, August 28, 2009


If you were given the chance to live your life again are you going to commit the same mistakes to be with the person you love or to correct the mistakes you did and have a better life?

I had been thinking a lot of things i did wrong in the past, but fortunately i could say those mistakes led me to the company of the people, friends and love ones i have in my side today.

I was asked the question latter this day in a meeting and lots of people in the room said they would try to correct all of their mistakes to have a better life, lots of regrets came out, and lots of hopefuls that all would be good again as it was a few years and decades for some.

When we look back, when we see the glory days and compare it to where we are now, what do you see?

Are you still living the glory days? or are you one of the hopefuls that you would be given a second chance to correct the direction your life was going?

No one could predict the future, we could only see the past, we could only hope for the best and regret whats been done.

We always think "If we did this, could the outcome be like this...?", "If...." we are sometimes bombarded with the word "IF...".

But if you did not do what you did, will you still be here?

If only we are given the chance to see the outcome of our choices. If only we are allowed to peek into the future to see if our decisions are the right ones, if only, a lot of if...

But don't you think we regret too much? worry too much and sometimes forget the best our mistakes has to offer?

We sometimes give an exclamation point on the negative side of what we did, how about looking on the other side for a change?

I know its hard to look on the good part when your down and in the middle of regret, but its your choice, and whatever your choice should always be good.

I just hope i did the right thing....

Am i one of the hopefuls?..


Ruel said...

You are one of the hopefuls IF...if your conscience tells you ARE..

There are regrets in our life..regrets which are the common results of those things we did in the past..But whether they are good or bad they still formed part of our life..

The Pope said...

If given a chance to backtrack our life, yes we will do it perfectly not to commit the same mistake again.

But life is a continuing journey, we learn from our mistakes as we face the crossroads of our life, and with faith, and our faith in God will serve as our beacon light.

There should be no regrets if we submit ourselves to the will of God and with humility accept our weakness.