Sunday, October 24, 2010

I dream a dream..

Its easy to dream a dream, but as the song says,

"...And there are storms we cannot weather..."

"...Now life has killed the dream I dreamed...."

but i think, it is better to have dreamed and tried to achieve it, rather than never dreamed and never tried...

and sometimes when you cease believing,
when you stopped dreaming,
when you need help to believe again,
and to dream again...

search your heart,
an amber still lingers,
just waiting for you
to turn it into a burning fire..


YanaH said...

do not let go of your dreams, no matter how hopeless sometimes it may seem for somehow, somewhere, you'll be able to fulfill them.. believe in the power of your dreams, for it is where you start fulfilling it..

missGuided said...

our dreams what makes us going! right? the songs that you feature are very inspiring!

LIKE! (FB? haha)

Rhodey said...

salamat yanah and missGuided sa comment, minsan kasi masarap at madaling mangarap, pero napakahirap buuin ang mga pangarap na yan, peo gayon pa man... ganun talaga e hehehe..

salamat sa komento..